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Welcome to the „Synchronverband e.V. – Die Gilde“

The „Synchronverband e.V. – Die Gilde“ is a professional association founded in June 2011 for the purpose of representing the common interests of those working in the field of dubbing: studios, directors, translators, writers, voice-actors, bookers, editors and sound engineers.

Its aim is to maintain the high quality established in the German dubbing industry.

In addition, it supports the industry’s specific economic and technical concerns.

To increase quality consciousness with customers, clients, and consumers, the „Synchronverband e.V. – Die Gilde“ is developing a set of standards that will ensure transparency, dependability, reliable logistics, price stability, fairness, and trust.

Each member has pledged to uphold this set of standards, which is being continually developed and monitored by a designated panel of association members.

Public relations activities will help to ensure that German dubbing attains the status it deserves.