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3rd Dubbing Scriptwriting Workshop Hildesheim

2.April 2014

In January and February, a third group of students from Hildesheim participated in a dubbing scriptwriting workshop organized by the Synchronverband e.V. – Die Gilde in cooperation with their university. First, the 19 M.A.-students of media writing and media translation, who had visited the studios at the Hohenzollerndamm in the spring of 2013, were given – as their peers in the workshops before – a short theoretical introduction. Both technical aspects (working materials such as continuity script, translation, and notation) and content-related topics (adherence to original intent, linguistic style) were covered. Then the practical work began.
Based on the introduction, the students, along with their tutors Gerrit Schmidt-Foss and Änne Troester, started working on a scene from a Star Trek-episode. With the existing dubbed version at hand, the question of original intent and how to represent it in translation was discussed extensively. Subsequently, individual work on excerpts alternated with group discussions. As in the two previous workshops, students kept coming up with interesting, original solutions.
Four weeks later the second weekend started with an intensive review of a homework assignment in the form of a short clip from the ZDF miniseries “Titanic”. Again the scripts were mostly good, if not always satisfactory in terms of synchronicity. Compared to the groups from the two previous workshops participants found it more difficult to check their own lines by voicing them out loud and to free themselves from the rough translation. Only by working on a non-English clip and a concerted improvisational effort at a nonsense version of a serious medieval drama was this excessive diffidence finally overcome. To what result will have to be seen in the final paper.
Questions concerning work routine and job profile were asked and answered throughout the workshop. And of course there’s still a considerable demand for internships in dubbing scriptwriting. After the two weekend seminar everyone understood that a feel for language and an interest, however strong, do not suffice to be a writer. Now it is up to GILDE companies to give the students a chance to advance their basic proficiency. Only this way can more dubbing scriptwriters move up, who are able to work according to the standards of the GILDE.
The fourth edition of the dubbing scriptwriting workshop in Hildesheim is currently being planned. On June 12, the next group of M.A.-students will visit the studios at Hohenzollerndamm to get a first impression of professional dubbing.