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5.Juli 2012

Press Release of the University of Hildesheim About the Cooperation with the Dubbing Association

University Hildesheim has published a report on the cooperation with the Synchronverband e.V. – Die Gilde. Click here to read the report.

20.Juni 2012

Next round of cooperation with Uni Hildesheim

On 29 May the cooperation between Gilde and Universität Hildesheim went into the next round. A group of highly motivated students from the Masters Degree program „Media Text and Media Translation“ came with Dr. Nathalie Mälzer-Semlinger to visit the Arena Synchron studios. Here they were given insights into the field by Björn Herbing, Marianne Groß, » weiterlesen

13.April 2012

Cooperation planned with Hildesheim University to train dubbing script authors

Synchronverband e.V. – Die Gilde is planning to offer classes to train future dubbing scriptwriters, in cooperation with the Universität Hildesheim and as part of the bachelor degree course „Creative Writing and Culture Journalism“. The preparation course will probably be listed in the course catalog for the coming winter semester 2012/13. It will be held » weiterlesen

12.März 2012

Gilde decides on mandatory minimum pay for sound engineers and editors

Synchronverband e.V. – Die Gilde has decided on mandatory minimum rates of pay for free-lance sound engineers and editors. To counteract the general decline of pay for these professions the Gilde has resolved upon the following minimum rates of pay for 2012: Studio editors: € 20,00 per hour Recording engineers: € 23,00 per hour

30.November 2011

New members

(Berlin, Oct 30, 2011) – Effective immediately, those interested in joining the “Synchronverband e.V. – Die Gilde” may apply for membership. Under “Information” you will find further information as well as a membership application form for download. Please send a signed copy of the form to the address provided.

15.Juni 2011

Board and advisory committee elected

(Berlin, June 15, 2011) – On June 15, the founding members elected a board and an advisory committee. Members of the board: Katrin Fröhlich, Björn Herbing (Arena Synchron), and Sven Hasper. Members of the advisory committee: Marius Claren, Marcel Collé, and Tobias Kunze (RC Production).

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